Media Centre Lume


Media Centre Lume is one of the best equipped media production resources in European media schools. The comprehensive production and audience facilities that have been designed with versatility in mind.

Area: app. 11 400 m2
Construction costs (year 1999): building app. 13,5 million €, technology app. 10 million €
Architecture: Heikkinen-Komonen architects
Annual budget: rent for the premises app. 2 million €, other costs app. 1,5 million €
Funding: Ministry of Education app. 90%, other sources (business and research) app. 10%
Personnel: 18 people
Usage of premises: average 55%, of which 60% by the University departments
Number of visitors: app. 30 000 visitors
Number of events and productions: app. 300

Technical information for event producers and lecturers

Technical information (PDF)

Filming, TV broadcasts, commercials, photo shoots...
For television and video productions Lume provides a fully professional TV studio and a film studio, both of which can be used in product photo shoots and promotional campaigns too. For sound post-production, especially film sound, Lume features a well-equipped mixing unit.

Staging, performances, promotion...
A variety of stage design alternatives open up in the studio theatre, which is purpose-built to host different kinds of cultural performances. In addition, promotional events and photo shoots benefit from the professional lighting and stage convertibility.

Films, exhibitions, business events...
The three auditoriums - Marilyn, Bunuel and Sampo - are at their very best in film screenings but just as well they make room for public relations exercises, conferences and lectures. The upper and lower foyers provide ample space for exhibitions, while also serving as places for people to gather in for banquets or buffets.

The spaces can comfortably host a large variety of productions and events, and they are available for rental to businesses and institutions too. Please contact birgitta.rosti [at] lume [dot] fi ( Birgitta Rosti)-Pylkkänen (phone: +358-9-7563 0482) for details and availability.



Birgitta Rosti-Pylkkänen
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